Once upon Mahatma Gandhi said:

“our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and test of our civilization”

His words are so true if apply on Muslim civilization, or Muslim Ummah. But unfortunately we have lost this beauty of unity. We being Muslim ummah had a very golden memories of Caliphate and Golden age of ruling. We were rulers of Africa, Europe and Arab world. We were much powerful and foes of Muslims were scared of our Unity..And yes by the time we too forget our true Islamic values and golden principles given by Islam. We engaged ourselves in worldly affairs and its temporary charm . By gaining more and more power we gradually started stealing or grabbing power from our own rulers by shaking hand with Enemy who were already waiting for disintegration. We forget what our Quran says about Unity:

“And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided”

Quran : 3:103

The bad times of Muslims was started when they took part in world war 1 by being ally of Germany. More unfortunately Germany got defeated and the it had to pay heavy war reparations and limit the size of its armed forces. It all decided in treaty of Versailles.

Another treaty was signed according to which the fate of Ottoman Empire was decided. Treat of Sevres was signed between victorious allied powers and representatives of ottoman empire. According to the treaty Ottoman Empire was abolished. But in all this scenario, we can not neglect role of Shareef Hussein of Mecca who led Arab revolt against Ottomans. In 1916 he claimed himself as King of Arab countries . The only Muslims who raised their voices against this cruel act of victorious powers were Muslims of Sub continent. They had protests and went to jail. But we have such painful history that Turkish them selves abolished ottoman empire in the command of Mustafa Kamal Ataturk.

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Disintegration of Ottoman Empire is a big incident in Muslim History. It lead to the formation of many Muslims states and Turkey as a sovereign state. It abolished the Unity of Muslim Ummah. Till this day Muslims can not stand on one platform.

The most painful moment was when Major powers gave legitimate right to jews for formation of Israel on the Holy land of Palestine and we Muslims couldn’t do anything because of lack of caliphate, leadership or Sultan.

These 100 years have much more painful moments for Muslim World. Palestine is now under complete control of Israel. Not only this today all Muslims puppet rulers are anxious to shake hand with Israel to welcome their own misery.

According to treaty of Sevres Ottomans can not establish caliphate till 100 years. Today at 1st Rajjab 100 years are completed. But according to English calendar it will complete in 2023. President of Turkey is taking discriminatory measure which indicates that they are ready for revival. today the term of NEW OTTOMANS is hot debate. So we Muslims are looking forward toward him as a ray of hope as we have lost our status, honor, respect, territory, dignity and much more in these 100 years.

But this too is not as much easy.. We are still segregated, I must say that our national interests our somehow our personal interests are much important rather then collective interest or Muslim Ummah interests. All Muslims rulers are trying to safe their own power regime. But how fool they are that they are trying to safe themselves by shaking hand with non Muslims and by raising guns against their own Muslim Bothers.

But still we are hopeful for bright future of Muslim World and the day will come soon when we will rule, we will take revenge of innocent Palestinians and Kahmiris. When we will be one whole. Its a long journey and will take time, but it will surely happen one day Insha Allah.

Long Live Muslim World

Long Live Pakistan