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USA had always been interested to build strong relations with India because India is much bigger in not only size but also militarily and economically. But under some conditions USA had to move strategically towards Pakistan. Because Pakistan was the only cure of its disease. But whenever USA got a chance to deceive Pakistan, it utilized that chance.

One of that chances is BECA that is basically about cooperation agreement between USA and India signed on 27 OCT 2020. It is expected that this agreement will boost spatial cooperation between India and USA. It will allow India to use geospatial data to ensure pinpoint military accuracy of weapons . It will also help India to acquire armed drones from USA. It use spatial data to strike enemy targets. This will enable India to ensure more stability in the Indo-Pacific region.

India had earlier acquire 24 MH-60 attack helicopters and six Apache attack choppers from USA. This coupled with geospatial data with borstal India’s aerial defense system.

US India news: US deal to supply high-tech weapons to India could further  destabilise region: Pakistan - The Economic Times

The deal is signed to counter China and Pakistan by India with the help of USA. Mahajan said that:

if the deal would have been signed earlier, the situation at the Northern border of India could have possibly been different.

Such bilateral agreements between USA and India has signed before which are named as LEMOA and COMCASA. These agreements are signed after every two years.

But this time things are different. India has fasten its efforts to be a regional hegemon of South Asia. No matter the treaty will be effected by Joe Biden or not…Because it is state policy of USA to contain China in Indo Pacific. So Joe Biden will continue Trade war policy or others containment policies for China.

India has announced its new doctrine that is named as “New India” .It is about

“It is not necessary that we only fight where you want to, India will take the battle to where the threat originates”

So India is proving itself disastrous for South Asia. Modi is blind in quest of power and regional hegemon.

This deal will initiate new arm race in region. For balance of power Pakistan will develop counter strategy with the help of china. They have developed it already. As China’s has reach to space domain as well. It has its satellite in space which will also trap India’s military bases. So BECA will temporarily undermine Pakistan’s and Chinese interests. China will not reshape its behavior in any way and together both Pakistan and China will counter India.

Pakistan has some of strategic options for BECA containment .First of all USA needs full support of Pakistan for taking its forces back from Afghanistan. So Pakistan should put a condition on USA and should sign agreement that Pakistan will not provide its military basis to USA until unless USA ensure that it will not share any confidential information to India regarding Pakistan,

More then that Pakistan should engage China and Russia for its space program. Not only this USA and others powers has to realize that PM Narendra Modi statements towards Pakistan are open threat for other South Asian states. If India will succeed doing so, it will not limit it self to south Asia it will move forwards to other regions so Fascist designs of Indian governments should not be supported as compared to Pakistan which is peace loving nation and has set its objective in its foreign policy that is set by Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah that Pakistan will always stand with suppressed and oppressed nations of the world. So Pakistan never believes in aggressive designs for power gaining. We only used power in self defense or to retaliate India to secure our territorial integrity. We will keep on strengthening our territorial borders as a sovereign nation of the world.

Long Live Pakistan