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As this twin tear 2020 has proven itself worse for whole world, it is likely to be more worse for Iran till its final days. For Iran this year has bad memories right from start, As on 3rd of January 2020, Iran’s Major General Qasim Sulemani was assassinated in an air strike launched by USA. More interestingly, USA president Donald Trump openly accepted his step for escalating tension.

There was a threat of Nuclear war or third world war, but game was instantly changed as Iran’s air plane was crashed on 8th January 2020. Public turned against to president Hassan Rohani. Before that people were compelling government to take revenge from USA. And indeed Iran claimed to have air strike on USA military bases in Iraq, Baghdad.

But, now the situation is going to be more worse rather then previous ones, Israel has planned to attack on Iran in final years of 2020 and at the same time final years of presidency of Donald Trump. They can’t wait for Oath taking of Joe Biden even, because Joe Biden is Democrat. He already showed interest to continue Iran Nuclear Deal . So his policies apparently are not so harsh towards Iran. He will never allow or back Israel for this attack. That’s why Israel wants to just go with an attack on Iran during presidency of Trump. On the other hand Trump also wants to do something extraordinary just to stay highlight in American politics.

Israel has started its efforts. Last month Iran’s senior Nuclear scientist has bee assassinated. He was working on Iran’s Nuclear program. Iran claimed that Israel is behind his killing and vowed to take revenge. But Israel neither accepted nor denied his role in his killing. More interestingly, he was not killed by any terrorist or some militant group, but his killing was carried out remotely by an artificial intelligence, and machine gun equipped with satellite. The deputy commander of Iran’s revolutionary guards said:

“No terrorists were present on the ground, Martyr Fakherzadeh was driving a car, when a weapon using an advanced camera zoomed in on him, the machine gun was placed on a pickup truck, and was controlled by a satellite”

A view shows the scene of the attack that killed Prominent Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, outside Tehran, Iran, November 27, 2020. (photo credit: WANA (WEST ASIA NEWS AGENCY) VIA REUTERS)

Israel is an Illegitimate child of West” these are the words utter by Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali jinnah, and i think we Muslims should not forget them. Israel is a gift of an agreement, Balfour Declaration, which gives legitimacy to an illegitimate occupation on Palestine. Since then till now, Israel is growing its influence in MENA region and that legitimate child is now young and enough to control others. Now much territory of Palestine has been occupied by Israel.

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If we talk about economy, more then 80% of world’s wealth is in hands of Jews. They use money as a play card, they can buy any one any time and can use him or her according to their wish.

Unfortunate fact is that we being a Muslims, we are not awake, we are not aware of their intentions. or more probably if we are aware of them, we are simply ignoring just because of our personal interests. Our personal interest are so dominant over mutual benefit.
Holy Prophet Muhammad S.A W once said:

Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim, and that the every Muslim constitute One brotherhood”

(last Sermon of holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.W)

But we have left Hadith and Quran. We are divided. Unfortunately Muslims are joining hands with Israel just to crush their own Muslim Brotherhood state Iran. Iran and Saudi Arabia are already in quest of power. In a race of Muslim hegemon of Regional Hegemon. Most probably in upcoming attacks on Iran by Israel, Saudi Arabia play an important role as well. But how can they forget that after Iran next would be them?

If there is any attack on Iran it will be escalated into a major conflict and its implications for Pakistan would not be so simply. We have territorial connections with Iran, we must in in difficult situation either to stand with USA or with Iran and obviously, Iran would be a gateway for Israel to enter in South Asia and to reach warm water bodies of Indo _Pacific. Because now the international politics is shifting from Middle East to Indo_Pacific.

In Middle East Jews has already win a war without a conventional deterrence. Gulf Monarchs are beggar in front of them. Only Iran is resisting. After completing its mission in Middle East, Israel and USA will start their efforts to contain China as a rising power. Actually its not China and USA in competition, actual competition will be between China and Israel , which are enjoying cordial relations yet.

Israel just want to be a global hegemon. Its not only contemporary international politics, but history according to our Holy Quran also reveals their horrible faces. They are proud of their features. They actually wants to control even mind set of Humans and to rule globally.

picture pasted above , best describes the intentions of Israel and Jews. Its time for Muslims to stay unite and stand firmly against them. Gulf Monarchs please awake up from a deep sleep.