North Korea has been developing new weapons, unveiling what appeared to be new intercontinental ballistic missiles at a parade last October [File: KCNA via AFP]

The new year 2021 was suppose to be different from the previous cruel year. Same as most of us were excited about Biden regime in USA. Most of us hoped for new positive change at international level. We assumed that tensions would be minimized when he would take in office. And 2021 would be no more cruel to us in regards of Covid-19.

But its not mandatory that all hopes can prove true. As the world is suffering from third intense wave of Covid-19. Causalities has reached 2.7M worldwide.

At international level nothing special has changed yet. Although Biden’s policies are some how lineant then Trump because Trump was nationalist. Biden was suppose to tackle issues with China and North Korea through diplomatic means. and of course he is trying to keep on following his policies.

But North Korea is challenging USA status or UN security council resolutions. North Korea launched two Ballistic missiles test on Thursday into yellow sea. These missiles fell into expensive economic zone of Japan that comes under territorial water of Japan. These launches are suppose to be the first test since Biden take office but these are soon after successful end of joint military exercises of South Korea and USA.

North Korea is banned to test any ballistic Missiles test under the UN security Council Resolution. So this act is not only challenge to USA policy towards North Korea but also peace and stability efforts by UNO.

North Korea is testing patience and reaction of Japan, USA and South Korea as these three states are on same page about deterrence and demilitarization.

Japan officials confirmed these launches. They said North Korea tested first missile on 7.04 A.M and second one was tested on 7.23 A.M. They also said that they will discuss this matter thoroughly with USA in next visit to USA Washington DC.

South Korea, US plan military exercises despite North Korean missile tests,  officials say - Pacific - Stripes

South Korea’s national security council also showed deep concern about these tests.

However US reaction is quite different as per expected. Biden commented it as “Business as usual”. USA didn’t criticize North Korea directly. Yet Biden said that we have learned nothing has changed. There is no surprise for us in these launches and we offer diplomatic means once again. He said

“it’s business as usual. There’s no new wrinkle in what they did.”

Not only this Biden said he didn’t consider these launches as provocation. He said North Korea fired non Ballistic- cruise missiles which are not banned under UN security council resolutions.

So it seems positive that Biden still wants to solve the issue in peaceful means and have some soft corner because he know of he would react same as North Korea wants to be, tensions would escalated. China, Russia and North Korea would be on one page and it wouldn’t so easy to contain all of them at same time. Yet he wants to gain America status back to better so he has to avoid any direct conflict. so in my opinion these tests are nothing more then test of patience and tolerance.