Plasma donation

The plasma of a single recovered COVID patient can save two lives. A single gesture can create a million smiles.

Just like other countries, many people across Pakistan are also suffering from COVID-19 these days; majority of whom don’t survive and face death. In contrast, some people have robust immune systems and they easily overcome this virus with a speedy recovery. Although, plasma donation or blood are the same, but nowadays, due to this worrisome crisis of COVID-19, one is taken as donation while the other is considered a business.

The demand of plasma, of recovered patients, is increasing day by day, as numerous researchers have confirmed that plasma donation helps a lot in fighting this deadly virus and many people around globe have recovered with the aid of plasma therapy. Various authorities have requested these recovered patients to donate their plasma to corona patients and save their lives. Still, humanity is lost somewhere in this world as instead of donating plasma, they are making money by selling it and are taking advantage of this horrific situation. Ironically, these are the same people who have gone through the pain of this virus and have experienced it very closely. They know how hard one feels in such deadly situation but are still making money by selling their plasmas, because they are well aware of the situation and need of the people. Some people are even collecting plasmas from the donors in the name of urgent need but afterwards, they sell it in exchange of handsome amounts. If “a coordinated effort to increase plasma donation” costs significantly more than purchasing plasma, it raises ethical issues of its own. How much should taxpayers be required to shell out just so that the government can claim some perceived moral high ground?

Our Holy Prophet P.B.U.H. said;

Whoever removes a worldly hardship from a believer, Allah will remove one of the difficulties of the Day of Resurrection from him.

Recovered patients should donate plasma as a noble humanitarian gesture to help the ones battling this fatal disease instead of making money. In plasma therapy, the recovery rate is comparatively good and, thus, it is helping a lot to ease the worry. But after seeing such heartless people, who are cashing the misery of people, everyone is scared and disappointed. Selling or purchasing plasma in millions is a sinful greed, and there is no honor or justification of doing this in such emergency cases. Even some people are selling healthy blood in millions by labelling it as the plasma of corona-recovered patient, so one should be careful before getting plasma and must ask for C.O.V.I.D. positive test report and antibody reactive report.

Tears of mother cannot save your child but your plasma can.
Be a plasma donor, be a Hero-a real one.

People in our country have forgotten that contentment of soul is the real richness, which can only be gained by helping others; and donating plasma these days is the greatest help that one can do for saving someone’s life. No matter how troubled or financially unstable a person is, he should not make money out of someone’s misery. Recovered patients should be grateful to Allah for healing them and giving them a chance to help others; so, they should do this work generously by donating their plasmas to the needy. People should not forget that Allah, who has blessed them with a healthy life, can put them on death bed again. What if the person you refused to help or that you help for your trade, might be the only bread earner of his family, just think about it? Selling plasma in exchange of millions shows the corrupt and immoral attitude of our people. One healthy plasma donor can save two lives, whereas saving only one person’s life is equal to saving the whole humanity.

So, the best act is to donate plasma to someone in need without any cost, as there can come a time when you might be in an urgent need of plasma for yourself or your loved ones.