World politics is changing day by day. Specifically Middle East is in intense wave of establishing relations with historical foes. Recently UAE, Bahrain and Sudan has already accepted Israel as sovereign state. These states has developed diplomatic relations with Israel. And for all this changing dimensions, USA put its unique efforts for normalization of relations.

Once a time there was myth that may be Pakistan would also be forced to accept Israel . But officials of Pakistan openly denied this news. But now this question is most important as our major ally and the state which is consider as home land of Muslims, Saudi Arabia is going to accept Israel next.

Yes! according to Israel’s Media there was secret meeting of Israel’s PM and Crown prince of Saudi Arabia on Sunday 22, Nov, 2020 in the Saudi city NEOM. And at the same time US secretary Mike Pompeo was on its official visit of Saudi Arabia.

Are Israel and Saudi Arabia On The Same Page? | Vocal Europe

As major allies of Saudi Arabia has already achieved friendship of Israel, it is now the turn of Saudi Arabia to achieve it too, may be they were willing and waiting for peaceful settlement of Palestine cause .

But situation is complex to understand as Saudi Arabia completely denied this news. Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal Bin Farhan said in his tweet:

I have seen press reports about a purported meeting between HRH the Crown Prince and Israel officials during the recent visits by @SecPompeo , No such meeting Occurred”.

On the other hand Israel’s flight tracking agency has released map of flight and details of the flights of Netanyahu visit.


This report also shows details of the visit. Flight was landed on 18:30GTM and remained here until 21:50. Now the things are becoming complex by the time.

But Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Faisal said that:

We have supported normalization of relations with Israel, but there is one important thing that is going to happen first, which is permanent and full peace deal between the Palestinians and Israel that delivers a Palestinian state with dignity within the 1967 borders to the Palestinians”

There is a difference in his statement as he is giving stance about normalization of relations and the same time he is refusing the secret meeting. Question arises what is interest of Saudi Arabia to keep it secret? May be because of the sentimental attachment of Muslim Ummah with Saudi Arabia. But we have examine that recently Saudi Arabia has taken several steps of modernization like opening of Cinema and other steps about liberty of women. And as UAE accepted Israel, soon after this they have lineant Islamic laws practices in state. So may be these steps are part of those conditions which are secret till now a days and imposed by USA and may be by Israel.

One more question that why all these changes are happening in Middle East. As Middle East is play ground for major powers, All the power politics is being played in the ground of Middle East. As we know USA is not strong enough now a days as it was before, So to contain China, USA is strengthening its ties with Muslim world. But at the same time USA is playing in hands of Israel. Israel has strong lobby in American Congress. Foreign policy of America is always in favor of Israel. As Netanyahu make solgan of greater Israel, It would not stop it self till Middle East. But as it would gain status of Regional Hegmon of Middle East, it will move forward to gain status of sole super power. and then USA will ultimately be contained by Israel.

As these things are happening, Muslims are becoming fool by these players. They are dividing Muslim Ummah in never ending conflict. Saudi Arabia and Iran both are in tussle of being regional hegemon, So Saudi Arabia and other Midlle Eastern powers like UAE are joining hands with Israel to contain Iran. Because Iran is working on its nuclear program and after Pakistan it would be second Muslim state having nuclear weapons. So ultimately after making weapons, It will raise its status in the region. At the same time Iran is open threat for USA. So USA indulged Iran and Saudi Arabia in Sunni Shia war. But in reality it is not war of Shia sunni, its civilization war of thousands of years.

But in this scenario, role of Pakistan really means for Muslim world. If Saudi Arabia is going to accept Israel, Pakistan would be the next which would be on the target of USA .USA will compel Pakistan to accept Israel. But to not accept Israel is part of long term objective of our foreign policy. And ultimately changing this policy will hurt Kashmir cause as well. So as far as i thought Pakistan will keep on standing firmly on its stance.