The land of Pakistan is blessed with beautiful natural landscapes, from the towering snow-capped mountains of the North to the mesmerizing & endless coastline of the south. The province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) is the epitome of beauty often reminded by old Nordic folk tales of Midgard. With river valleys spanning as far as the eye can see, overlooked by scenic mountain ranges, one can agree with the relation this region holds with the mythical realm. These natural features make KPK not only one of the most sought after travel destinations in Pakistan only but hold immense tourist potential from the world.

1.Malam Jabba:

Located 44km from Mingora, Malam Jabba hill resort is popular for hosting a beautiful ski resort. It is surrounded by a picturesque view of the snowy mountains, green valleys, and sprawling forests which is perfect for anyone who wishes to seek peace & serenity. It also hosts 2 Buddhist stupas and multiple monasteries in high altitudes, paying homage to their cultural & historic past.

Malam jabba ski-resort


Kalam is another famous attraction nestled between the Swat valley. The landscape consists of a lush green valleys with partial forestation in an otherwise green vegetation. Moreover, the land is filled with rivers, waterfalls formed by melting snow mountains as well as alpine glacial lakes. Popular destinations are the Ushu Forest & Mahodand Lake valley which are a must-see for everyone.

Mahodand Lake Valley
Ushu Forest view


These serve as one of the most popular summer-holiday destinations due to their easy access from the Capitol. Nathia Gali is almost 35 km from both Murree & Abbottabad, at an altitude of about 2500m. Showered with oak, pine and maple trees it on top of an already beautiful mountainside. Dunga Gali is located on the side slopes of Mukshpuri hills overlooks the beautiful landscape. Changla Gali & Khaira Gali are both located at heights above 2300m. They offer a wide variety of places to explore for people who want to step off the beaten track.

Overlooking view from Nathia Gali


One of the prime destinations of any traveler, Chitral is located to the extreme north of Pakistan. It is a mainly mountainous area popular amongst hikers & trekkers alike. The mountain peaks in this region are not only numerous with at least 4000 ft height but also has more than 40 peaks above 20,000ft. The famous Kalash Valley is home to the Kalash people known for their unique culture, history & language. Often considered to be the descendants of Aryans that migrated from Europe. This valley is popular not only with local but international tourists as well. Chitral also is famous for the Gol National park as well as Chitral Museum which contains antiques that provide a reference to the region’s history.

View within Chitral district
Local festival in Kalash Valley

5.Kumrat Valley

One of the best-kept secrets of KPK, the Kumrat valley is located in the Upper Dir district of KPK. Recently, a lot of focus has been shifted on this majestic place as it holds an immense potential to boost tourism. The stunningly-vibrant area is well endowed with the breath-taking sights that induce an unforgettable feeling that one carries with them forever. It is the most sought after location for people who want to experience nature in its purest. The river Panjkora , meadows of Jahaz Banda complemented by the diverse wild-life makes the region feel complete in its own sense.

Katora Lake
Panjkora River

Honorable Mention: Naran & Kaghan:

Naran/Kaghan is synonymous with the term traveling in Pakistan. It is not only a common household name but also the primary goto destination for first-time travelers. For frequent travelers, this serves as a base-point for people who want to travel further North. It has many popular attractions surrounding it such as Kaghan bagh, Lulusar lake leading towards Babusar top which has seen a tremendous growth of tourism in recent years. Not to mention, Lake Saif ul Malook which is a must-see for anyone wanting to experience its surreal beauty for themselves.

View from Babusar Pass
High-point overlooking Lake Saif-ul-Malook


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